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Mission Statement

"To promote and articulate Muslim interests and work for the integration of the Saskatchewan Muslim community as part of mainstream Canadian society."

What is MPJ?

Muslims for Peace & Justice (MPJ) is a provincially incorporated Saskatchewan-based non-profit Muslim organization. MPJ is dedicated to articulating, promoting and defending the interests of the Saskatchewan Muslim community and representing them on issues important to Canadians.

MPJ serves as an educator and liaison to the media, government, law enforcement and other organizations in Saskatchewan to foster an accurate image of Islam & Muslims, cultivate mutual understanding & cooperation, and provide Muslim perspectives on important issues in Canadian public affairs.


  1. Educate and inform the Saskatchewan news media and public about the Muslim perspective on peace & justice issues, and on Canadian public affairs
  2. Interact with other faith groups, communities and organizations in Saskatchewan to promote mutual understanding and develop positive relationships between Muslims and their fellow citizens
  3. Serve as a bridge of understanding to the present Muslim affairs
  4. Educate and inform fellow Muslims and Canadians about the religious principles, peaceful coexistence, universal humanistic and social values of Islam
  5. Promote and facilitate the integration of Muslims in Canadian society and support safety and security measures for peaceful living in Canada that are consistent with the rule of law

2010/2011 Board of Directors

President: Amr Henni

Vice-President: Faeeza Moolla

General Secretary: Shahedur Rehman

Treasurer: Fatma Zohra Henni

Director: Ayman Aboguddah

Director: Abdul Jalil

Director: Zarqa Nawaz

Muslims for Peace & Justice
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